The Production
The high quality of the job, a skilled and punctual service are our strength point.
We are in a position to do the rectification of some materials:

Rectification of steel

Our team makes the rectification and the honing of steel's particulars and not, with tolerances of working very small.
We always respect the indications on the technical drawiongs and the suggestions of the customers.
Rectification of strong metal (Widia)
We can execute the rectification of particulars about hard metal.
Rectification of ceramic
We can execute the rectification, outside and inside, of ceramic's parts.
Precision honing machine
We can execute honing's working of outside diameters and of holes.
The parts, as the customers request, are cleaned with a specific washing that can be standard or with technology at ultrasounds.
We can execute the balancement of parts that are liable to high systems of rotation, with a relative certification of every part.
As the customer request, we can execute the laser writing of brands.
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